Software Installation and Training

Software Training

Gain a Success with Us !

  • Learn how to use any program so you can experience all that computers and technology have to offer without all of the frustration.
  • Have our techs train your employees with software we are already have experience in, such as:
    • VIPRE, GFI, AVG, Norton, Kaspersky, Microsoft Office, multiple Linux distros, Open Office, Photoshop, Adobe CS and Adobe CC, Quickbooks, PeachTree, multiple graphical editing programs, Microsoft Visio, Cisco NX-OS, and much more.
  • Train our techs – many software companies charge incredibly high amounts to train all of your employees. That cost can grow exponentially when you have to send multiple employees in to classes, especially if they span over more than one day. We can help you save money by sending our techs in to learn the software. Then we can in turn train all of your employees locally. Not only can this save you money, but it can give you a tech-savvy professional who is now trained specifically in software that is vital to your company which is essential for future consultation, diagnostics, upgrading, expansion, and several other beneficial instances.

Software Installation

Needing some software installed? We can get it done for you with one of our three convenient methods:

  • Bring your device in and we can get the software installed and ready for you – same day service available. We also offer pickup and delivery.
  • Or, if you prefer, we can send a tech right over and have everything installed, configured, and setup in the convenience of your own home without your computer ever leaving.
  • We can provide remote assistance with most software installations as well – though we may need your help putting the disc in!

Get the quote, get the product, and pay the bill. Veritmax helps take the confusion out of hardware choices so you can focus on your business, not model numbers.  Our experienced staff will help you identify choices that make your business goals more attainable. We work with all major IT manufacturers and we put those relationships to work for you. Whether you need servers, storage or mobile technologies, you’ll find hardware solutions that are delivered on time and on budget.

Our complete procurement and logistics processes can configure hardware to your exact specifications, help manage your inventory, develop a rollout schedule, and provide trained Veritmax technicians to facilitate installation.

Our hardware partnerships include:

  • APC, Apple, Aruba, Avaya, Brother, Cisco Systems,
  • Dell, EMC, Extreme Networks, HP, HPE, IBM,
  • Lenovo, Microsoft, VMware, Xerox.

What are your hardware business requirements? Contact us to discuss practical solutions to all your hardware needs.

The software choices you make will drive the productivity and performance of your business. And once you’ve made those choices, it takes time and attention to keep those tools up and running in support of your business goals.

  • Considering virtualization and collaboration?
  • Is your software up to date?
  • Concerned about licensing?

Veritmax procurement and logistics services include software procurement, installation, contract management, renewals, reporting, and asset tracking.
The relationships we have with various software vendors assures that we’ll provide the right solutions for your specific needs.

When it comes to logistics, it’s all about processes. Documented, repeatable, trackable processes.
Those who manage IT equipment purchases and deployment know that placing the order sets off a chain of highly complex events. Managing those processes takes meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to flawless logistics.
We’ll help you at every critical juncture – configuring your hardware, managing inventory, scheduling deployments and overseeing expert installation.

Hardware acquisition and management can quickly become a tedious task for any organization. Whether you choose specific models, delivery, installation or even how to acquire the right equipment, you can ensure a turnkey service from Veritmax and its partners across the globe.

Our procurement and deployment services help simplify the acquisition process to enable you to standardize and improve the management of your assets at the most competitive cost on the market. Our clients use these services to refocus their efforts and skills towards strategic activities and take advantage of our order management systems and the expertise of our team in order to obtain a personalized service tailored to their needs. We will help you with the following :

  • What are the best options for your organization?
  • How to acquire, deploy and install specific hardware?
  • How to properly manage the solutions?
  • How to choose between a capital expense and an operating expense?