We’re led by an accomplished coalition of information technology experts, progressive business strategists, and sales and staffing professionals.

Talented people delivering new solutions, implementing key technologies, pro-actively connecting with customers with Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, and Integrity.

While Veritmax has built its success upon industry-leading technology, solutions and services – there is simply no substitute for the impact that our people have had on our success. Employees are our greatest asset and this sets us apart from our competitors. Our industry insight has emerged through the hard work and dedication of our employees. And through our commitment to our employees, we can increase our customers’ success by attracting world-class talent.

We’re a fully remote workplace,  and there’s a reason a lot of our team members have been here so long. They don’t want to leave. We inspire working hard, building great relationships, and providing a supportive environment for growth and interesting work.  We often post any opening opportunity on or on  However, feel free to send us your resume/CV to with a brief summary about you. One of our Talent Acquisition Specialist will contact you, whether we have an opening or not. We love to build and add on to our already large human network.

Our Network Team works with our clients and customers to define their needs and services and then apply that knowledge to find the best possible solution at the lowest cost.

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A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all. Our Customer Service team takes pride in providing courteous and responsive support to all customers in a professional manner, ensuring that each individual has an exceptional experience.

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We have earned an industry-wide reputation for exceptional responsiveness, agility and flexibility in sourcing, configuring and delivering on our clients’ diverse infrastructure needs.

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Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced professionals. Working with each other and with our employees, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our clients.

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Our Talent Network is an outstanding resource for your business because it is broad and deep – representing IT specialization across dozens of roles, from application to data center management.

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Only hire the best. The quality of the people that work at your company will be one of the biggest factors in your success – or failure. At Veritmax, we spend time to search, hire, train and maintain the best.  A happy Client is the best policy of all.

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